"Thank you for opening my mind and soul. Such a wonderful gift! No words can express my gratitude to you. Your amazing tips and healing powers are next to none. 

When my toddler was ill you gave your time and truly embodied what it means to be a selfless healer. Within 3 hrs my precious one was feeling better after you so graciously offered your gift to us. ( magical crystal grid)  You have found your gift and I couldn't be happier for you."

-Leanne, Summerland Key, FL

"Brandy's work is nothing short of profound. In fact, it's difficult to articulate how powerful her work is because it goes so much deeper than the crystal grids - although they truly shift reality and create miracles. The healer is Brandy herself. She is so deeply connected and so intimate and precise in her craft, that you truly feel seen and known at the soul level. The crystal grids provide a visually beautiful and truly magical vehicle for her work, and I have been so blessed to experience the miracles firsthand on many occasions. She has facilitated both emotional and physical healing as well as shifts in consciousness. The care and attention she offers with every grid is exceptional. You can't walk away from this work without extraordinary transformation​. You walk away not only in more alignment with your soul but more aware of all the magic and possibilities available to us in the Wholeness of it all, people and planet alike. It's a deeply transformative and beautiful soul-stirring experience that really​ doesn't exist outside​ of this unique calling."

Errity, Bradenton, Fl

"I recently utilized 'Sacred Landings' crystal grid services to help me cope with my negative living situation. I was seeking guidance to lead me to a more appropriate home situation for me and my family. In the beginning of the week, I was a bit troubled because the toxic conditions seemed to erupt, but just as quickly as emotions were heightened, it was soon followed by a clearing, as the eruption actually seemed to open a doorway to alternate solutions.

The roommate was able to leave and find a better situation and my family was left with space, relief and hope.

Despite the uncertainty of how the situation would unfold, by the end of the same week of my crystal-grid experience, my family and I were able to settle into a more peaceful and stable state and focus our attention on more positive and uplifting interactions and suddenly I found myself living a brighter existence with the unexpected change."

Katey, Bradenton, Fl